Write Back When Classes! 

Writing Historical Fiction 

Our very first Writing Historical Fiction class began in June and is underway! Stay tuned for more information about upcoming sections beginning in the fall. 

Class Description: Writing Historical Fiction classes meet for an hour once a week for six weeks. We cover everything from finding and using good sources to developing stories and characters within different time periods. In this fun and interactive class, students are challenged to think outside the box and really dive into thinking historically and creatively. 

PLUS: Once students complete their six-week class, every student will have a chance to enroll in a BONUS camp. In this intensive class, we will put to use what we have learned and write a complete historical fiction short story. All students in the Bonus camp will be able to include their short story in a published anthology!


Coming Soon: Historical Fiction Book Clubs!

Coming Fall 2020, Katie will host historical fiction book clubs! Dates and times have yet to be determined, however, at least two book clubs will be offered. One club will focus on middle-grade historical fiction, and the other on young adult historical fiction.

Interested in an upcoming class?

Please contact Katie for more information! 

Literature Circles 

Note: Literature Circles are special summer offerings for Write Back When.  

In every class meeting, which lasts a half-hour each, Katie reads an excerpt from a historically-based picture book, and then students share in a virtual “circle time” discussion about the reading, and then a short activity time, which students can take beyond our meeting times. These classes promise to be a joyful, fun time diving into history and exploring children’s literature and students’ own creativity. 

Past Classes 

Journaling Through A Historic Event 

Based on historical and fictional diaries, in this class, we discussed how we can express ourselves through journaling through historic events such as the pandemic our world is experiencing. We studied historical diaries like that of Anne Frank. From these, students learned how people of the past coped through writing, and how we can do the same today. Journaling and writing are healing practices done throughout history. We learned new ways of self-expression as well as shared community and solidarity in troubling times. 

Please contact Katie if you have any class requests or questions.