If you have ever taken note that history cannot be complete without the word story in it, then you, my friend, are right at home here. Welcome. Come in, have a seat, and let’s sit around the table with a cup of coffee and swap stories. You have landed in the right place. 

Welcome to Write Back When – a project launched in early 2020 to encourage and equip young people to write about the past and with history in mind. Each one of us is a storyteller. We write stories with our lives every day, and so did everyone who came before us. Together, we can tell these stories. 

Through live online classes, students of Write Back When will learn how to write stories set in the past. Here we understand that each of us is an integral part of the flow of history and that each of us has a contribution to make to that flow. That is why we write and share our stories. 

Now, you may be wondering who is behind this project, and who am I to run such a project? Well, hello, friend, I’ll tell you a little about myself. 

My name is Katie Andrews Potter. I am a writer, educator, and historian. And I am a storyteller. I love stories. I love reading them, listening to them, and writing them – and I love teaching students how to write them, too. I especially love stories from our world’s incredible history. 

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University. I am a perpetual student and am always studying history, writing, genealogy, and more. 

I am the author of four books, including two historical fiction novels, a children’s picture book based on the life of an ancestor, and my family history memoir. 

Over the years I have worked in Special Education and now work from home as an online teacher. In addition to Write Back When, I teach English as a Second Language to children in China. 

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my family – my husband Ben, and our three children, Ellie, Micah, and Silas. We have been homeschoolers since 2015. We believe everything in life teaches us lessons and seek to be lifelong learners, working together to grow and make a difference in this world. 

About My Writing 

I have been a writer since I could put pen (or crayon!) to the page. I have written and self-published four books. 

My first, Going over Home, was released in 2012. It is a young adult historical fiction novel. Its sequel, Going over Jordan, was released in 2015. These novels follow two sisters as they discover the truth about their family’s past and navigate what that means for their future. 

My third book was released in 2017. It is a children’s picture book based on the memoir of my great-great-great-grandmother, Almyra King Holsclaw, who was an Indiana pioneer woman. The book was beautifully illustrated by five Indiana high school students. It includes a biography of Almyra based on careful research of documents and photographs of Almyra’s life and communication with living relatives. The book is entitled: When Mother Read Aloud: The Life Story of Almyra King Holsclaw. 

My fourth book, Shamrocks: A Memoir of Mothers, was released in March 2019. It tells the story of the women in my matrilineal line, dating back to 1830s Ireland, intertwining their stories with my own. 

You may find the books on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Please visit my Amazon Author Page for more about the books. 

My current project is a contemporary young adult novel affectionately called “Maggie” after the main character. My goal is to write more historical fiction novels for young adult and middle-grade readers, as well as children’s picture books about women throughout history. 

I write as much as I can and encourage young people to do the same. 

Now more than ever, I believe strongly in the healing power of writing and all forms of creativity. Writing about the past specifically brings with it a unique perspective on life and helps us learn and grow from those who have gone before us. There is so much to discover. I hope your family joins us in our community as we “write back when” and grow and learn and create together. 

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