Welcome to Write Back When! 

Write Back When is a newly launched program dedicated to writing enrichment for young students from all over the world. We host small live online classes all about writing about the past and with history in mind. Founded and run by author, educator, and historian Katie Andrews Potter, classes at Write Back When focus on building solid writing and storytelling skills while pairing this writing instruction with learning about our world’s history. Students explore their own creativity and expression, all while grounding their writing in historical research and understanding.

From historical fiction to creative nonfiction, Write Back When classes help build a solid foundation in literacy skills as well as historical perspective. 

We know that face-to-face instruction is very different from online learning, and understand that there is nothing that can truly replace in-person education. However, as Katie has taught in some capacity for over 15 years, and now online for 2 years, she firmly believes that vital learning and meaningful human connection can absolutely take place through a computer screen.

Students will learn from Katie’s candid and responsive approach, from her years of experience as a writer and researcher. She acknowledges the wonderful individuality of each student in her classes and seeks to encourage active participation and self-expression. In Write Back When classes, Katie is not the only teacher: 

Students teach each other, learn from voices from history, and truly build bridges across the world and through time. Every voice is valued and honored.  

Let’s write back when… together!  

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